Who we are

Our team loves to create music that touches people

We are a great resource for your outstanding music and provide modified compositions to any TV, radio or film production, corporate, brand and advertising campaigns beyond your imagination
Another thing, we work with different clients around the globe whereas, we speak Greek,English, French, and mostly German.

We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality audio solutions where we have a good reputation in producing excellent sound design and recording, music composition, live orchestra production, music licensing and orchestration. We have already done lots of huge projects over TV and film industry where we have met all of our client’s music requirements. We have a skillful, creative and dependable team with unique specialization and expertise in audio.

We love to create music that will surely move everyone’s heart. We put our passion for music in each of our work where you can feel our sincerity in offering music with the hint of how we value a lot all our music workmanship. Nothing could compare to our dedication in producing music that will surely be loved by everyone. Our creativity and skills were the foundations of our job where you can expect that we will only create the highest quality of audio. Every note, rhythm, lyric, harmony, and sound are wholehearted dedicated to all our valuable clients.

Meet the team

Pierre Langer

Project Management

Dimitris Meletis

Sound Engineer - Composer

Froso Karaflou

Music Supervisor

Jonny Galis

Kid Music Expert

Kostas Voukolas

Accounting Manager

Lucas Galis

Sales & Marketing

Tilman Sillescu

Lead Composer • Creative Director

Athanasios Galis

Licensing & Copyright